I have always been drawn to the ocean. To me, it is breathtaking, magical, mysterious, ever-changing, and awe-inspiring. I have seen the ocean be as calm as if the earth stood still. I’ve also been nearly consumed by it during a ferocious hurricane. I’ve frolicked in the ocean with my nephew, Garrett, whose squeals of delight filled the air with each churning wave while his small hand held mine in a vice-like grip. I’ve witnessed many GOD moments at the ocean, like the time my parents and I strolled along the beach when a dolphin leaped completely out of the depths just a few feet off shore us. WOW! Each time I go to the ocean, I am reminded how small I am in this universe and how much I cherish every experience I have with the ocean.

Recently, I met someone, whose passion for the ocean coils up and emanates outward in a beautiful display that educates and inspires.
Bruckner Chase
Bruckner Chase is living his passion every day. “If one believes in the neuroscience of the experience it may be that the brain’s emotional centers seem to light up in the mere presence of open water or the ocean,” said Chase, “I would suggest that my experiences in the ocean create an addictive mix of endorphins, emotions and connection not only to the waves, water and wildlife, but also to family, friends and community.”

Bruckner Chase is an adventure swimmer and ocean enthusiast who combines everything he loves into a role he’s been perfecting as an endurance swimmer since the early 1980’s. “I have a deeply personal connection to the ocean that continues to have a profound, positive effect on my life,” said Chase. “When I was in Monterey Bay launching the BLUE Ocean Film Festival with a swim across Monterey Bay we were also celebrating what would have been Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s 100th birthday. There was a quote that I ran across that is now on the back of my business card, ‘When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself’.”
Bruckner Chase’s Passion for the Oceans

Chase uses his experiences to positively impact how we feel, think and act towards the oceans. “I want to impact how others feel about the ocean because I want to protect what I love,” Chase said, “More importantly I believe there is power in discovering and embracing whatever elicits that level of intrinsic motivation and passion for something greater than self.”

Chase has experienced things that most of us would never fathom but offers landlubbers some life lessons. “I paid attention to and remembered each experience. In hindsight I have never had a bad experience in the ocean. I watched my perspective evolve from fear to respect to love. Swimming through jellyfish for hours on end hurt, but learning to find serenity in chaos is not a bad skill to bring to life on land.”

One of the most surprising things that has happened to Chase since following his passion for the oceans, is being given the title Honorary Chief Matae Uila o le Sami, by the High Talking Chief of Aunu’u in American Samoa. “Not really something my guidance counselor mentioned as a possibility when I was growing up back in Memphis, Tennessee.” Chase is developing an open-water safety and ocean conservation program for the youth of America’s most remote territory.

In regard to finding your passion, Chase offers this advice: “Don’t stop looking and listening, but never be afraid to go with what you feel.” Additionally, he lives by the words of philosopher and civil rights leader, Howard Thurman: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Here is Bruckner Chase’s Thank You to the ocean.
Bruckner Chase’s Thank you to the Ocean

Thank you, Bruckner for sharing your passion with the world!