Jill Hammergren’s Writing Samples


Twenty-three Years Later And I’m Officially Hooked! By Jill Hammergren 

The Privilege of Volunteering at the Special Olympics World Summer Games by Jill Hammergren

Wil-Mar Golf Club: Raleigh’s Hidden Treasure Attracts Top Honors for Women and Challenges Everyone                       by Jill Branson Hammergren

A Conversation with One of Golf’s Greatest Dames  by Jill Hammergren

Carolina Hurricanes Capture the Limelight by Jill Hammergren

Taking Kids to the Next Level by Jill Hammergren

Morrisville’s New Mayor Prepared to Lead by Jill Hammergren

Executive Chef Brings 5-Star Expertise to Family Business by Jill Hammergren

Carolina On My Mind! by Jill Hammergren

SwingPals Website – Jill Hammergren Wrote Content and Design Concept, Script Writer, Video Producer

ThinkWorkPlay Website – Jill Hammergren Wrote Content and Design Concept, Script Writer, Video Producer 

Learn, Play, Enjoy Golf for Business and for Life! by Jill Hammergren

Pace Of Play View writing here.

Scenic Byways Teachers Guide
This 130-page Teachers Guide was developed to coincide with a comprehensive curriculum used in North Carolina Schools to teach about the state’s 54 Scenic Byways. View the guide here.

RELAY, YES You Can! Teachers Guide
Relay Enhances Languages & Communications, Yes, You Can! Teachers Guide
North Carolina schools are teaching students how to effectively communicate with people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and have speech impairments. This teaches guide was produced as part of a comprehensive curriculum featuring videos and an interactive CD-Rom. This project was developed and produced for the NC Public Schools and the NC Division of Services for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing. Jill Hammergren managed a team of fantastic creative people who brought this project to reality. View the guide here.