There are all types of passions that can fuel our souls and give us a boost. But when I talk to people living passionately and enthusiastically for life, I often find that these people are most inspired when their passions help others or make a difference in someone’s life. When your passion is about making connections and building up confidences in others, you can see some amazing results both personnally and professionally. Just look at what happened when Professional Hair Designer Scott Musgrave embraced his passion for curly hair.

Opening Your Eyes to Your Passions & Sharing With Others Can Boost Business

Scott was at a point where he had some regular, reliable customers, but he wasn’t growing his business. “I am a Christian and I was in my journal/prayer time and heard in my heart to remain a hairstylist. I thought of going to a Tech School and change jobs. Then I heard in my heart a question that changed my life, ‘What do you love to do?’ I said, ‘You know, I love working on Curly Hair’, said Scott, “then that set me on a journey to tell the world.”  He started a business Facebook page and began showing before and after pictures of different curl styles and waves and within two months, his phone began ringing and has been non-stop ever since. “I had a goal of getting 100 new people for the year 2012, and I got that many by the end of May, it will probably double or close to triple that!”   

Scott Musgrave Does a Variety of Curl Styles for Every Hair Type or Ethnicity

Photo: Thanks to all of you over the past week for your business and new Curl Cuts...looking GOOD!

Even Straight Styles, too!


Aligning Your Passion With Others Creates Deeper Connections

Scott says that he realized his passion for curly hair would help create new connections, especially since he also has curly hair. Profile Picture“When another person of curl sees my hair, we have an instant bond. My heart really reaches out to help women with frizzy hair to have beautiful curls and to better understand their hair. Instead of not knowing how to deal with it, they will fall in love with their God-given curls and accept and embrace them to wear them as is more often.”

Making a Difference Means A Lot

Scott is making a difference in women’s lives. “There were some women with tears in their eyes, thankful for having hope that they can love their hair for the first time in their life. I get emails from women all over who are getting genuine compliments on their hair for the first time ever! They thank me. There are hardly any stylists around helping women with naturally curly hair, so I want to be one who specializes in working with curls and waves.” Scott continues to read more books, improve his techniques, and learns what women with curls want, need and desire by listening to them. “I designed a specific service only for them. And it works.”  Scott has developed an acronym the way he helps all of his customers. He calls it the CURLYS Method, with stands for Creative Understanding, Relational, Listening, being Yourself with a Sense of humor.

This is a connection that one of Scott’s newer customers appreciates. “You can’t imagine the effect of frizz on self esteem until you’ve lived with wild, unruly curls!” said Tara Wiselove, “Sometimes, my esteem was so low that I wanted to hide my hair. For years, I kept it slicked down with some oil or cream, containing it in a bun or under a sash.”

Scott is also using his passions to create deeper connections and pathways to healing, for some. “I realized that some women have in their hearts a message of some sort that they are living with about their unruly hair that keeps them in hiding,” he said, “and when that message is busted up and is revealed that it is a lie and no longer true, a woman comes alive in new ways. That is very exciting and something I see everyday. While I do not heal those wounds myself, I am a part of a process of a woman experiencing a new message. Many say that what I am giving them is hope and making people happy and this goes deep into my heart for helping people with curls experience something so deep that it can be apart of those deep wounds experiencing relief or no longer dictating a wounded message.”

I am so grateful Scott Musgrave brought my curls to life! – Tara Wiselove

Following Your Passion Can Be Life-Changing

Scott says embracing his passion was the best thing he could ever do. “Following my passion has changed my life BIG TIME! I am fueled by my vision to help women with frizz to learn about their hair and to receive a service and shape for their curls that can change their life, and it really does. I love helping people and over the years of being in a variety of ministries I have learned a lot about how to work with people and to be a guide on someones Life-Path. I have taken all I have learned and put it into what I least expected, being a Hair Stylist.”

But Scott’s passion for naturally curly hair has also had an important impact on his customers’ lives. “I was empowered after my first visit with Scott,” said Tara Wiselove, “I was armed with knowledge. I was in control of my hair. I never thought a trip to the hair salon would be life-changing, but this experience has proven it a reality.”

Passions for Business Can Also Mean Changes in Personal Lives

Scott has also learned that by embracing his passions in his business life, he’s strengthened his personal life, too. “I have learned more about following my heart and learned to listen to what God wants me to gain from new experiences that I was running and hiding from or avoiding. There really is not a map when you follow your passion and vision. So, I am taking more risks and from past experiences I have some confidence that I never had before. And this confidence has helped me to have some maturity in discerning what to follow and what to pursue.”

Advice to Others About Embracing Your Passion?

Scott has some advice to others about following their passions. “Learn to listen to the inner voice that wants to take you into experiences that you have no idea how to do,” Scott says, “Seek counsel and with care take steps that will build confidence and maturity. Realize that we can be happy, joy-filled passionate people as we do the hard work required to fulfill a vision-filled life. It really doesn’t feel like work most of the time, but more like what we are designed to be doing, so enjoy the time doing the hard work. Time flies by when your in your passion. You will realize that you will have way more than you heart desired and wanted. This gives you a sense of fulfillment that you are totally unaware of– you are living by design.”