Put your talent to work, but your genius into your life. ~ Oscar Wilde

Details, research, connections and ingenuity come together in one package with The Media Pro when it comes to planning events and securing locations.

Location scouting requires an eye for detail, creativity and imagery along with an understanding of the message and its goals. The Media Pro is proficient at finding just the right place for your production, photo shoot, casting call, or event.

The Media Pro connects people, places and resources for success in film, video, TV and other productions.

From small events involving a few dozen people to global events involving 500,000+ spectators for Olympics-sanctioned competitions, The Media Pro understands what it takes to make a great impression for fundraising, corporate sponsorships, marketing and media awareness.  We take care of the creative concepting, planning, implementation, management and execution of all aspects of the events.

Let The Media Pro get to work on your next project.